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In January, add-ons will be merged into a single PRO version of Easy Booking. The price will change from 99€ (for all add-ons) to 79€/year. If you buy any add-on now, you will be able to upgrade for free (without having to renew the license every year). If you want to avoid migration between plugins, you can also wait for the PRO version to be released.
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For this first article on the blog, I wanted to make a small review of the possible future major features of Easy Booking. Some of these features have been asked a lot and for a while now, some are already in progress and others might never be released. Let’s see!

  • Item booking statuses and email notifications

An easier way to manage and track your bookings in the “Reports” page: each item has a custom booking status, updated daily (pending, delivery, processing, returned, etc.). You can also filter items by their booking status. This will allow you to know which item you need to deliver or return on the current day, for example.

Items to be delivered on November 20th

Different item booking statuses

It will also include emails notifications to your customers to remind them their booking starts or ends (optional).

This feature is partially developped and will hopefully be released by the end of 2017.

  • Hours

One of the most requested features. It would include the possibility to select times in addition to dates, or even only times and completely remove dates.

The availability management makes it pretty difficult to develop: it means storing and managing way more data than before, as there would be several time slots per day.

I hope to release this in 2018.

  • Import / Export data, Google Calendar compatibility

Importing or exporting booking data and availabilities would be a nice feature, especially for those who use external tools to manage their bookings. This would include compatibility with Google Calendar.

Estimated release date: 2018.

  • Search widget

This is probably the most requested feature: the possibility to search dates directly from the shop page, and see all items available for these dates. It is a small widget that you can add, along with other WooCommerce filter widgets (price, rating, etc.).

Search widget in the shop page

The development is 60% complete, but requests turned out to be way too heavy because there are so many parameters to take into account (availabilities, first available dates, booking duration, minimum/maximum duration, disabled dates, etc.).

I don’t know if I’ll ever find a solution for this and if it will ever be released. I really hope so, because it would be very helpful for a lot of people.

Estimated release date: No idea!

So here are the main features I’ll be working on in 2018. Other small updates will also be released. You’re invited to suggest anything you’d like to be added to Easy Booking in the future!

Want to know what's next with Easy Booking? Check the roadmap!