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Support Easy Booking: Availability Check [Resolved] Website Doesnt Match Inventory/Availability Checker

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    Hybrid AWD

    We are having an issue where the website is not matching what Availability Check is showing (this is occurring for multiple items).

    For example we have a Nikon 200-500 with a QTY of 1. It’s been rented from July 22nd – August 5th so it should not show as available on our website, however it that is not the case for us.

    Availability Checker Screenshot

    Backend Stock QTY


    I’ve tried initializing inventory numerous times with no luck on updating the website to properly reflect.

    Plugin's author


    Do you have the latest version of Availability Check (1.6.11)?

    What is the order status of the order containing this booking?


    Hybrid AWD

    Availability Checker – 1.6.11
    Disable Dates – 1.5.6
    Duration Discounts – 1.8.0
    Easy Booking – 2.2.1

    Using a custom status “Picked Up” along with a code snippet that you provided a while back. Is this still the correct code with all of the recent updates?

    add_filter( ‘easy_booking_get_order_statuses’, ‘wceb_custom_order_status’, 10, 1 );

    function wceb_custom_order_status( $statuses ) {

    $statuses[] = ‘wc-picked-up’;
    $statuses[] = ‘wc-equipment-due-bac’;
    $statuses[] = ‘wc-late’;
    $statuses[] = ‘wc-return-tomorrow’;
    $statuses[] = ‘wc-prepped’;

    return $statuses;


    Plugin's author

    Oh, I know! I think I made changes to your website a while ago? Because it was too slow. I’ll have a look if I still have access. I probably need to add them again after the updates.

    Plugin's author

    Allright, I think it’s fixed? I took the liberty to set product stock back to 1 on Nikon 200-500 to try.

    I’m so sorry, I wanted to send you an email when I released the update and then I forgot.

    Hybrid AWD

    No worries! Thanks!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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