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Support Easy Booking: Pricing Show Monthly Pricing But Provide Option For Daily, and Weekly and Monthly

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    Hi Natasha,

    • We would like the default pricing to be shown as a number based on our monthly pricing based on a discounted amount.
    • We would like for the customer to be able to choose a Daily, weekly and a monthly amount from the duration period.


    Monthly: $1,350

    Daily:  $57.14 (this is based on the weekly being divided by 7)

    Weekly: $400 (this is 7 days x $57.14 (per day) = $400 weekly

    So there’s a  discount if they rent by the month, which is prorated by 30 days.

    • $1350/30 days = $45 daily. This is what we want to show as the advertised pricing; $45 per day – but that applies ONLY if they choose a 30 day rental.

    Hopefully this is clear enough.

    Thank you for your Plugin and assistance.

    Thank you.


    Plugin's author


    I guess this topic belongs to the “Duration Discounts” add-on forum, right?

    Anyway, the easier should be to set the product price to $45 and add a $12.14 surcharge from 0 to 29 days. This way, the price displayed will be $45 / day. Like this: http://demo.easy-booking.me/product/beanie/.

    Is this what you needed?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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