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Support WooCommerce Easy Booking Problem with woocommerce product add-ons 3.0.15

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    I have a client that reported that additional costs that were added to their products using woocommerce product add-on had stopped working.  In testing I could see the price changed on the single product page just after selecting the date range from easy booking back to the base price without the add-on price included.  I was able to pull a backup prior to the date they reported this change, and the last working version of woocommerce product add-on was 3.0.13.  I reverted to that version, and the price calculations appears to be working properly again.

    It appears that the current version of woocommerce product add-ons has created a conflict in the price calculations of easy booking.

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    Yes I am aware there are issues with the latest versions on Product Add-Ons, I’ll fix them in the next update of Easy Booking.

    It could be two things, could you try the following to see if it works?

    This if only if you use any add-on that are not “Multiple choice” or “Checkboxes”:

    • For global add-ons: Go to Products > Add-ons and open your add-on group.
    • For single product add-ons: Go to Products > Your product > Product data > Add-ons.
    • On each add-on, change “Type” to “Multiple choice” and click on “Add option” (leave it empty).
    • Change “Type” back to “Quantity” (or whatever it was) and click on “Update”.

    The problem is that until now, all add-ons (including “Quantity” and others) had “options” fields, where I stored some data for Easy Booking. Now it seems all add-ons don’t have this “options” field saved anymore so you need to manually add an empty one in order to have Easy Booking data saved. Until I find a better solution.

    Otherwise it can also be that the product ID is not sent correctly when selecting dates. It’s a bit harder to fix because it’s in the JS files which is compressed.


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    I’ll release a quick update today for the second part, because it seems that a lot of people have this issue.
    I’ll need more time for the first one, though. Thanks for your patience.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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