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Support Easy Booking: Availability Check [Resolved] Order Summary on Calendar

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    Is there any way to remove the order summary (days & price) after selecting start and end date?
    <p class=”booking_details”>”Total booking duration: 30 days</p>
    <p class=”booking_price” data-booking_price=”30″ data-booking_regular_price=”1″><span class=”price”><span class=”woocommerce-Price-amount amount”>Rp30″</span></span></p>
    <p data-booking_price=”30″ data-booking_regular_price=”1″></p>
    <p data-booking_price=”30″ data-booking_regular_price=”1″>Thanks</p>


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    To remove details (total booking duration), you can use this filter:

    add_filter( 'easy_booking_booking_price_details', 'wceb_remove_price_details', 10, 3 );
    function wceb_remove_price_details( $details, $product, $booking_data ) {
        return '';

    Or you can just modify Easy Booking template by doing this:

    • In your theme’s folder, create a new folder called “easy-booking”
    • get this file: woocommerce-easy-booking-system/includes/views/wceb-html-product-view.php
    • Copy it to the “easy-booking” folder in your theme
    • Remove what you want to remove (in your case, from line 30 to line 41).

    Please note that by doing this, your template won’t be updated when necessary, so please check the changelog when there are updates for Easy Booking, in case you need to udpate your template.




    It Works,

    Thank you

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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