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Support Easy Booking: Availability Check Item Showing Available The Same Day As Unavailable

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    Hybrid AWD

    I wasn’t exactly sure how to title the subject but here is something that I noticed today with a customer.

    We have a single item that is being rented from November 23-26 by customer A. Customer B goes to the website and is able to clikc on the 23rd even though it’s technically not available as I require two dates. Customer B only see that they can select the first date and then all other dates for the return are grayed out.

    This is a little confusion to Customer B and there is no explanation to them that the item was rented out already.

    Solution: Is there a way to block off the initial day of renting? For example, Customer B shouldn’t be able to pick the 23rd. 

    Hopefully that makes sense and there is a easy solution to this.

    Plugin's author


    Are you in “Days” or “Nights” mode?

    Technically, the 23rd should be disabled on the start calendar but not on the end calendar. Do you mean that it is enabled in the start calendar too? Do you have a link to the product?

    What happens if you init availabilities (Admin > Easy Booking > Availability Check)?


    Hybrid AWD

    I think this was a freak moment. I can’t replicate it now. Ill keep an eye out to see if we can replicate the issue and if we can Ill screen shot it and readdress.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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