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Support WooCommerce Easy Booking [Resolved] Error with date picker in Chrome v73

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    Hi, after upgrading Chrome the calendar in the product page doens’t works, it et closed when you release the mouse button.


    I¡ve searched and found that it is a problem beetwen that version of chrome and pickadate, please check this thread:  https://github.com/amsul/pickadate.js/issues/1138

    The author says it is soved in the new version of pickdate, i’ve downloaded it and uploaded to my site, into the plugin folder, but still doesn’t work.

    Here’s a link to my site, with the original plugin, without any try to fix the bug https://palaciocondesdecirac.es/reservas/habitacion-1-adaptada/









    Plugin's author


    I’m a little bit confused because there seem to be an issue with Google Chrome as mentionned in the link your posted (I had planned to update pickadate.js anyway), but I tested on several websites and they are all working. Yours is the only one not working.

    You could please do the following:

    • Switch theme
    • Disable other plugins
    • Try with the “Default” theme

    Does any of this fix your issue?

    I will investigate and keep you informed, but it is hard because I don’t have any issue on my installation.

    I’ll update pickadate.js as soon as possible though (note that I had made slight modifications to the file – it might be why the latest version was not working with you).




    Hi, thank’s for your answer, i think is solved. I’ll explain.

    I’ve customized the woocommerce product template, so in my site when the calendar poped up it was over the “initial date” box, i mean, the calendar was covering the box wich makes it appear.

    That’s was working fine in older chrome versions and in mozilla, iexplorer and mobiles. But with this new chrome version there is a conflict, i have just changed css to make calendar pop up the boxes and it works fine.

    As i found that thread about the bug i didn’t it was anything i could fix by myself.

    Anyway, the bug in chrome, or in pickdate, exists, the new pickdate version is suposed to fix it but i thonk this solution is good enough for me.




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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