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Support Easy Booking: Duration Discounts [Resolved] Duration discounts not working with software upgrade

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    The duration discounts are not working, after some software updates. I have the plugin installed and I put in the license key over a year ago when I purchased it.

    I’m running:

    Wordpress 5.3.3

    Enfold Theme 4.7.2

    WooCommerce 4.1.1

    Easy Booking 2.2.9

    Duration Discount 1.3

    Do you see any conflicts? Have you had this problem? Can you help please?

    I tried disabling plugins.

    I can provide a login privately if that will help.


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    The issue is that your version is so old, that you don’t get the automatic update anymore. Please download the latest version manually, by visiting http://download.easy-booking.me/your-license-key/ (replace with your license key). Then you can install it on your website. You might want to do it on a staging area first, as 1.3 is a very old version (2015 !) and there has been a lot of changes since then 🙂



    Thanks that worked

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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