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In January, add-ons will be merged into a single PRO version of Easy Booking. The price will change from 99€ (for all add-ons) to 79€/year. If you buy any add-on now, you will be able to upgrade for free (without having to renew the license every year). If you want to avoid migration between plugins, you can also wait for the PRO version to be released.

Governing legislation

These terms of use are governed by the French law.

They have been translated to English for informative purposes only, you can find the original French ones here.


The products and services offered are those figuring on the website easy-booking.me. Each product comes with a description. The website keeps the right to modify these dispositions at any time.


Products offered on the website easy-booking.me, along with the website, are the exclusive property of Natasha Lavail (NL).

Article 1 : Orders

The terms and conditions of ordering products on the website are the following :

The services offered by Easy Booking are intended to any physical person over the age of majority, in compliance with the law. Minors willing to buy on the website easy-booking.me must be allowed and accompanied by a parent.

To order a product, the client will proceed as the following :

  • Add the product(s) to cart
  • Go to the “Cart” page
  • Click on “Proceed to checkout”
  • Log in or create an account on the website easy-booking.me
  • Fill in its billing address
  • Pay online with Credit Card (Stripe) or Paypal

Once the payment is done, the order is saved. NL keeps the right to reject or cancel an order because of any payment issue.

By checking the “I’ve read and accept the terms & conditions” box during the checkout process, the client fully accepts without reservation the totality of the present terms and conditions.

Data saved by easy-booking.me are considered evidences of the transactions between NL and its clients.

The client declares being at least 18 and having the legal capacity or a parental authorization giving it the right to purchase on the website.

For the purchase of downloadable products requiring a license key, download permissions and license keys will be granted once the payment is complete and sent by email to the client. Informations concerning license keys are kept by easy-booking.me and the client can find these informations on the “My Account” part of the site.

Article 2 : Pricing

Prices displayed on easy-booking.me are in Euros.

VAT is not applicable to the company attached to the e-shop easy-booking.me, prices are tax free.

NL keeps the right to change these prices. In the respect of the law, we do not modify prices once the order is made and validated by the client. Products will be charged with the price applicable at checkout.

Price is payed outright, during the checkout.

Selling products stays property of the supplier, until definitive and integral payment.

Article 3 : Coupons

The client can, if it owns one, use a coupon. It should be used on the “Cart” or “Checkout” page, before placing the order. A coupon cannot be used once the order is validated.

Article 4 : Payment

Payment must be done by credit card (Stripe) or via Paypal.

To pay with Paypal, the user needs a Paypal account (or to create one when paying). Paypal’s terms of use are then applying.

Paypal accepts credit cards, VISA, Mastercard, Cofinoga card, 4 étoiles card, Compte Bancaire card, Aurore card. Visit Paypal’s website for any other supported payment method.

Payment is exigible immediately and is done when ordering. Transmission of your bank details are done directly on Stripe’s or Paypal’s website, and is secured (SSL encryption). Your bank details, which will be asked again for each order, are only kept during the payment process and are destroyed afterwards. Our website does not see or keep any of the informations. The payment is entirely assured by Stripe or Paypal.

Credit cards from banks domiciled outsite of France must be international credit cards.

Article 5 : Products’ availability

Products are available while stocks last.

In case a product would be unavailable after an order is placed, the order will be cancelled and the client will get a refund.

Article 6 : Shipping

Products sold on easy-booking.me do not require shipping as they are downloadable. The client will have access to its products once the order is paid and marked as “Complete”.

Article 7 : Withdrawal

After any order made on easy-booking.me, the client has 14 days (once the payment is received) to ask for a refund if he/she is not satisfied. No question asked. No refund will be made after these 14 days.

The download permissions and license keys associated to the refunded “Easy Booking” products will be invalidated and won’t be usable anymore. No support will be done once a product has been refunded.

In case an Easy Booking pack has been ordered, the refund will be made on the whole pack. The addons will not be refunded individually if the pack has been ordered. All licence keys for the 4 addons will be invalidated.

The website keeps the right to modify these conditions at any time.

Article 8 : Intellectual property and responsibility

Any text, comment, publication, illustration and images, being visual or sound, present on the website easy-booking.me are reserved with worldwide copyright. As such, and in accordance with the provisions of the French Intellectual Property Code, only private use is allowed, except if any different or more restrictive dispositions have been set. Any partial or total reproduction of the website easy-booking.me is strictly forbidden, subject to counterfeiting.

Some products, including softwares, are subject to personal and specific right of use, legislating copies, public diffusions, renting. The client must respect the terms of use of these products and NL cannot be hold responsible for any misuse of the products.

Photographs are only for illustrative purposes. We invite the client to read the description of each product to know its exact features.

NL cannot be hold responsible for any damage of any nature, material, immaterial or physical, resulting from a dysfunction or a misuse of the sold products.

NL cannot be hold responsible, towards a member or a third party person, for any indirect damage, establishmenent, profit or revenue loss, occured in any way, even if this damage or loss was predictable by www.easy-booking.me, or if this eventuality was brought to its attention.

NL cannot be hold responsible for the non-performance of the contract in case of out-of-stock or unavailable product, in case of force majeure, disruption or total or partial strike, including postal services and transports and/or communications, flood, fire.

NL’s responsibility will be, in any case, limited to the order’s amount.


Easy Booking products are not supposed to be resold or redistributed, in any way.

Some Easy Booking products come with a license key, which gives you access to updates and support.

This key is unlocked and sent by e-mail once the order payment is received. It is strictly personnal, and must not be shared or resold. It will be required and asked for any support request.


Support for premium plugins requires a valid license key.

Support doesn’t include the addition of new features. NL has the right to decline any request concerning the plugins, features or compatibility with other plugins or themes.

No support will be provided if the client decides to modify the plugins.

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