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In January, add-ons will be merged into a single PRO version of Easy Booking. The price will change from 99€ (for all add-ons) to 79€/year. If you buy any add-on now, you will be able to upgrade for free (without having to renew the license every year). If you want to avoid migration between plugins, you can also wait for the PRO version to be released.

3 new updates this week:

  • Easy Booking 2.1.6
  • Availability Check 1.6.1
  • Disable Dates 1.5.4

The main new feature is booking statuses. I had mentionned these in my previous blog post and they’re finally here!

These statuses may share some names with WooCommerce order statuses (pending, processing, completed), they are however not related.

First, booking statuses are stored in each order item data, and not in the order itself. It means you can have different order item booking statuses in the same order.

Then, they are only for information and organization purposes on the admin panel and won’t change anything to the way Easy Booking works for your clients.

Now head to the “Reports” page of your admin panel:

Easy Booking reports page

Each item as a booking status. It can be:

  • Pending (booking hasn’t started yet)
  • Start (booking starts/is about to start)
  • Processing
  • End (booking ends)
  • Completed (booking is totally over)

You can choose to manually or automatically change each of these statuses (except “End” status, which will always change automatically).

You can choose to differ “Start” and “Completed” statuses. It can be useful if, for instance, you need a few days to prepare your items (the same way the “Unavailability period” of Availability Check works).

Easy Booking statuses settings page

You’ll need to save these settings once, in order to initialize booking statuses.

Let’s say I want to track the exact dates of my bookings, I set “0” in both options. The clients rents an item from February 1st to February 10th, the statuses will behave like this:

  • Until February 1st: Pending
  • February 1st: Start
  • February 2nd – February 9th: Processing
  • February 10th: End
  • February 11th: Completed

On the contary, my items need 2 days of preparation and shipping so I set “2” in these options and the statuses will be as follow:

  • Until January 28th: Pending
  • January 28th – February 1st: Start
  • February 2nd – February 9th: Processing
  • February 10th – February 11th: End
  • February 12th: Completed

For one date bookings, it behaves the same way except that there is no “Start” and “End” statuses if you set “0” in the options explained above. It goes from Pending to Processing to Completed.

You can also manually change the statuses, if you prefer to manage everything yourself. To do so, head to an order page and when editing an item, you’ll be able to change its booking status.

Easy Booking edit status

Note that if your order is marked as “Completed” you can no longer edit items, si you need to change the order status first.

You can see that “Imported bookings” from Availability Check are now integrated to the “Reports” page, and also have their booking statuses. This way you have a better overview of all your bookings.

Easy Booking imported booking in the Reports page

Email notifications have disappeared from this update. I’ve come through an issue as booking statuses are updated with a daily CRON, which is only triggered when someone visits your website. This means you can’t control exactly when the action will be triggered and when your emails will be sent. If it is 4pm when the first person visits your website, it’s useless to send email notifications by that time. So for the moment this feature is unfortunately postponed until I find a better solution.

Other small changes / bug fixes included in these updates:

  • Improved “easy_booking_booking_price_details” filter.
  • Several bugs with WooCommerce Product Bundles were fixed.
  • Added en_CA.js file for Canadians.
  • Fixed issues with disabled dates and Sunday as first weekday (Disable Dates)
  • Custom sale prices are now displayed stroked even if product is not in sale (Pricing)
  • Fixed an issue where availabilities were updated twice when making an order (Availability Check)
  • Added an option to automatically delete manually imported booking when they are over (Availability Check)
  • Checked compatibility with WooCommerce 3.3: it should work!

I hope you like the update and these new booking statuses! Don’t hesitate to send a message if you have any question or issue with it 🙂

Want to know what's next with Easy Booking? Check the roadmap!