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Plugin translation

Here are the available translations for the plugin:

A big thank you to Eugene, Ivan, Fabio, Eduardo, Javier, Hugo, Dennis, Massimo, Patryk, Filipe (and I might forget some people, sorry!) for all these translations of Easy Booking!

Download both .mo and .po files and include them in the -wp-content/languages/plugins folder of your WordPress installation.

Note that these translations have been sent by other users of Easy Booking and might not be complete / up-to-date.

If you wish to make your own translation, you need to name the files like this: easy_booking-fr_FR.mo and easy_booking-fr_FR.po (replacing fr_FR with your language).

If you wish to contribute to the plugin localization, please send an email using the contact form so your translation can be added to the above list for other users!

Update or create translation files

To update or create translation files, download Poedit, it’s free!

Update an existing file with Poedit:

  • Open Poedit
  • Go to File > Open > Select the .po file (for example: easy_booking-fr_FR.po)
  • Go to Catalog > Properties
  • In “Translation properties”, make sure to set “Plural forms” to
    • nplurals=2; plural=n != 1;
  • In “Sources keywords”, make sure your have the following keywords:
    • __
    • _e
    • _n:1,2
    • esc_html__
    • esc_html_e
    • To add a keyword, click on the “New item” button
  • Go to Catalog > Update from POT file > Select the file wceb.pot located in wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-easy-booking-system/
  • Translate strings and save your files!

Creating a new file with Poedit

  • Open Poedit
  • Go to File > New Catalog grom POT file
  • Select the file wceb.pot located in wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-easy-booking-system/
  • Click on “Ok”, then save the file in wp-content/languages/plugins and name it like this: easy_booking-fr_FR.po (replacing fr_FR with your language).
  • Translate strings and save your files!

Calendar translation

The frontend calendar(s) should be automatically translated. Over 40 languages are available.

It can happen that some things are missing from the frontend calendar, most of the time the “Close” button. Here’s how to fix it:

– In woocommerce-easy-booking-system/assets/js/translations
– Find the file corresponding to your website’s language (for example fr_FR.js for French)
– Add the missing translation:


Example of a complete translation file (en_GB)
		format:"d mmmm, yyyy",
		labelMonthNext:"Next month",
		labelMonthPrev:"Previous month",
		labelMonthSelect:"Select a month",
		labelYearSelect:"Select a year",

Please send an email if a translation is missing, so it can be updated for everyone.