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In January, add-ons will be merged into a single PRO version of Easy Booking. The price will change from 99€ (for all add-ons) to 79€/year. If you buy any add-on now, you will be able to upgrade for free (without having to renew the license every year). If you want to avoid migration between plugins, you can also wait for the PRO version to be released.

On your administartion panel, you should now see a new “Duration Discounts” sub-menu on the “Easy Booking” tab.

Duration Discounts settings page in WordPress dashboard


Duration Disounts settings

License key

Here you can enter the license key you received by email.
If you didn’t get it, please check your spam box or send an email.

Discounts mode

You have the choice between two discounts mode:

  • Normal: Only the discount corresponding to the selected duration will be applied.
  • Cumulative: All the discounts will be applied until it reaches the selected duration.


100€ product.

Discounts applied:

10% discount / day from 8 days to 10 days.
20% discount / day after 11 days.

For a 15 days booking:

Normal mode: 80*15 = 1200€
Cumulative mode: (100*7) + (90*3) + (80*5) = 1370€

Display Discounts?

Display the discounts/surcharges applied on the product page, below the price.


100.00 € / day

8-10 days : 90.00 € / day
11 days+ : 80.00 € / day

Product page with discounts

Display mode

Displays either the reduction/surchage or the discounted/surcharged price.


Reduction: 8-10 days : -10% / day
Price: 8-10 days : 90.00 € / day

Product page with discounts 2

This requires the “Display Discounts?” option to be checked.

Global discounts

Global discounts or surcharges

The global discounts will be applied to every product or variation.
You can always override them individually on the admin product page.

To know how to configure a discount/surcharge, visit this section.

Want to know what's next with Easy Booking? Check the roadmap!