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On your administartion panel, you should now see a new “Disable Dates” sub-menu on the “Easy Booking” tab.

Disable Dates settings page in WordPress dashboard


Disable Dates settings

License key

Here you can enter the license key you received by email.
If you didn’t get it, please check your spam box or send an email.

Dates to disable

The disabled dates set in the plugin settings will be applied to every bookable product on the store. You can always override them individually on each product.

To know how to configure a disabled date, visit this section.

Allow customers to book disabled dates?

This options allows disabled days/dates/dateranges inside booking periods. This means that the dates will only be disabled for check-in/check-out.

On the contrary, if this option is not checked, your customers won’t be able to book any disable day/date/daterange at all.

Example: Sundays are disabled.

  • Disabled dates not allowed inside booking period:

Product page with disabled dates not allowed inside booking period

  • Disabled dates allowed inside booking period:

Product page with disabled dates allowed inside booking period

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