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In January, add-ons will be merged into a single PRO version of Easy Booking. The price will change from 99€ (for all add-ons) to 79€/year. If you buy any add-on now, you will be able to upgrade for free (without having to renew the license every year). If you want to avoid migration between plugins, you can also wait for the PRO version to be released.

How does it work?

WooCommerce Product Add-Ons is a great plugin to extend your products. It allows you to add all types of options to your products:

  • Additional custom price input
  • Additional price multiplier
  • Checkboxes
  • Custom input (text, email address, numbers, etc.)
  • File upload
  • Radio buttons
  • Select box

You can set a price to these options which will be added to your product price if selected.

You have the possibility to add per-product addons or global addons, which will be applied to all your products (although you can define product categories, exclude products, etc.)

Compatibility with Easy Booking

The good news is that WooCommerce Product Add-ons is fully compatible with Easy Booking!

The product options’ prices will be added to the booking price, and you have the possibility to choose to multiply these costs by booking duration or not (since 2.1.9).

A small example of what you can achieve with Easy Booking and WooCommerce Product Add-ons:

Let’s say that you rent a house for 2 people. The house costs 49€ / night but you have extra options which will increase this cost:

  • Additional adult: 15€ / night (additional price multiplier)
  • Additional child: 5€ / night (additional price multiplier)
  • Breakfast: 15€ / night (checkbox)
  • End-of-stay cleaning: 40€ (checkbox)

Now imagine that your customers travel with 2 kids, want a breakfast every morning and are a bit lazy, so they choose the end-of-stay cleaning. They rent the house for a whole week (7 nights), the price will be as followed:

  • 7*49 = 343€ (house price)
  • 7*10 = 70€ (2 kids)
  • 7*15 = 105€ (breakfast)
  • 40€ (cleaning)
  • Total: 558€

Options are then added to the cart:

And to the order so you can easily track them:

WooCommerce Product Add-Ons is really easy-to-use and offers many possibilities to extend your WooCommerce shop, I strongly recommend it! And its price is fairly reasonnable as it only costs $49 for a single site. Download it here.

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Want to know what's next with Easy Booking? Check the roadmap!